Dept.0921 is an online boutique featuring limited quantity eclectic Boho Statement jewelry curated & handmade by JoLyKa Studio.

Most of the designs such as the neck mess and chunky arm stacks incorporate mixed materials such as: acrylic, clay, crystals, glass, gemstones, metals and vintage lucite®.

Using these mixed materials helps to achieve the trendy eclectic appearance while also providing a lighter weight to allow the ability to wear multiple complimentary pieces with comfort as well as an affordable option.

Additional accessories and often coordinating products are available for purchase in the JoLyKa Studio Etsy store. Please visit jolykastudio.com.

All items are handmade & sold in the United States only. Any listings you may find from other websites besides dept0921.com and jolykastudio.com (Etsy) are fraudulent. The images, descriptions and reviews have been copied and listed on illegitimate sites that are mostly foreign and outside of U.S. authorities jurisdiction.